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White Rabbit

Utility NFT Project on Stellar

The White Rabbit Project is a collaboration of Mrsmetalcrazy22 and RockinFREEWorld, with an idea to spread joy and messages of positivity with NFTs.

All white rabbit purchases directly benefits OvaryIt Foundation. 75 XLM per rabbit is gifted to to aid in the care of women who have been victimized by domestic violence and human trafficking.

An NFT project combining social impact, gamification, and member benefits.

Owning a white rabbit entitles owners to become part of the White Rabbit Project planet within BESMetaverse. Participating monthly in gaming tournaments for a chance to win $XLM.

Meet the Creators

Debbie Estes aka MrsMetal

Debbie was born and raised in a small town in New York where she was raised to appreciate the finer things in life such as the beauty in nature. Debbie is a Fimi Genesis Artist, HYYP Cartel OG, StellasNFT member and part of the StellarWomen collective of women in web3 leading on the Stellar Blockchain (XLM)


Ruth Ann” Dixie” Gilbert aka RockinFREEWorld

Ruth Ann “Dixie” Gilbert has spent the past 20+ years in advertising and media industries primarily in the roles of new business, strategy and marketing. Dixie is a relationship builder and a connector. After discovering Stellar (XLM) in the summer of 2020 she’s worked on projects to include: KickHouse, OvaryIt, ArtTable, Merchant Media, The Blue Marble and Business Relations Director for Fimi Market. She is a founder of StellarWomen, HYYP Cartel OG and StellasNFT member/co-collaborator.

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