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Lumenswap BES #55

Grand Gallery 2

Lumenswap is a decentralized exchange based on the Stellar network that allows users to swap, trade, and store assets in an easy-to-use interface. The platform's marketplace uses an AMM model, where users can provide liquidity for which they are compensated.

  • Lumenswap offers the best prices for trades based on the liquidity rates and the submitted order books on the network.

  • The Lumenswap client is on the Stellar Network, which benefits from scalability and low fees.

  • Lumenswap is open and decentralized by default. All of the assets on the Stellar Network are also available on Lumenswap. The Lumenswap application enables users to add any assets they want.

  • Lumenswap supports various wallets for better accessibility. The current options available to users include Rabet, Freighter, Albedo, Ledger, and private keys. 

The Grand Gallery 2 is a super location based on all 100 BES planets.

Sold as an NFT asset and is owned by the Fun&Games Club.

All super-locations are based on all BES Planets and are all fully customized differently with the option to have different experiences and assets displayed. 

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