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Giraffic Park 

Welcome to the BES Metaverse, where we bring you a unique collection of 111 playable 3D Giraffe avatars that will take your virtual experience to a whole new level. Our Giraffe NFT collection is designed by none other than Rusnaka, the founder of BES Metaverse, to provide an immersive experience to our community of users.

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Abstract Panels


Exclusive Access: As there are a limited number of Giraffes available, holding one gives you exclusive access to use it as your avatar in the BES Metaverse once it's fully operational.

Revenue share! 33% of monthly collected creator royalties (based on sales of Giraffic Park NFT collection) in the form of $ETH or low transaction fee coin such as $XLM

Staking: You will be able to stake your Giraffe NFT, which allows you to earn additional coins & tokens or other rewards on the BES Metaverse platform. Starting late April. 

Community: You will become part of a passionate community of Giraffe NFT holders and BES Metaverse enthusiasts, which can lead to networking opportunities and new connections.

Future Airdrops: Holders of Giraffe NFTs will also receive future airdrops or bonuses from BES Metaverse or other partners such as WL and Crypto

IP Rights: You will receive the intellectual property rights to the Giraffe design, which means you can use it to create merchandise, art or anything else that you want.

Journey to the Giraffic Park: A Roadmap to Immersive Metaverse Experience

Collection Release

Launch the Giraffic Park NFT collection


Additional opportunity for Giraffe NFT holders.

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Free Medium Land

Holders who hold 9 Giraffe NFTs at the time of the Metaverse land release will receive a free Minting token for a Medium Sized land.

Free Small Land

Holders who hold 5 Giraffe NFTs will receive a minting token for a small sized land.

Total NFTs Available


Mint type 

Random Mint +

Mint date

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19 March 

2pm EST

Reveal Date

24 hours after sold out

24 hrs after Sold Out

Minting Network - ETHEREUM 

Mint Price - 0.025 
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