3D BES Metaverse Assets 

BES Alps Mansion

BES Alps Mansion

Own an exclusive location on the Black Energy Source near the Alps of the BES. Meaning you own this specific location on all 100 Energy Sources in unique designs.

The Cave Club.JPG

The Cave Club

Have you ever wanted to own and manage a nightclub? Own in the BES Metaverse!

BES SKY.jpeg

BES Planets

100 Black Energy Source Planets, hosting space for 100 projects and individuals, with over 100 000 Avatars and 100 000+ Lands. 

Many special locations and characters with different utilities that will bring order and harmony.

The observatory

The Observatory is the location where you can ask for anything related to the BES Metaverse and it will be shown to you. An incredible place to discover the one-of-a-kind virtual world.


characters & Avatars



The Suns represent the liquidity pools in our ecosystem. Each Sun will have a different asset pair and one will be for NFTs that are minted by us and potentially by other artists.

To be fair, we will draw randomly what asset pair each Sun will get.

What will a "SUN" Holder earn?

0.3% on each trade Liquidity providers earn a 0.23% fee on all trades proportional to their share of the pool. Fees are added to the pool and are accumulated in real-time.


BES Gnomes give you access to a Gnome Only Spinning Wheel full of Crypto Rewards

BES Locations

Grand Gallery #2
The Golden Portal
Island Estate
Grand Gallery 3
BES PD University
The Tabernacle Mansion
The Power Grid
Grand Gallery #1
BES Airport

Automated characters apis

NFT Assets

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