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Welcome to BES Metaverse, a virtual hub that powers creators and products.
Our Metaverse is built on the principles of community, creativity, and innovation.
We provide a platform for individuals and projects to interact, collaborate, and create in a virtual space.
With 3D-rendered locations, avatars, and utilities, BES Metaverse offers exceptional opportunities to earn, play, and socialize.


discover marketplaces where we mint and sell BES assets



  • Infrastructure setup: Set up development and QA environments for the project.

  • UI/UX Design: Create a design for the web platform wallet part of the metaverse.

  • UI/UX Development: Develop, test, and deploy the user interface and user experience of the webpages. The code will be viewable and inspectable on GitHub.

  • Stellar Wallet Integration: Develop, test, and deploy a fully working wallet integration with Stellar blockchain. Users should be able to connect their wallet, see their assets, and perform basic actions. The unit testing coverage should be at least 80%.

assets with true utility

From the project's inception, our focus has been on empowering BES asset holders and providing them with opportunities to create, conduct business, perform, and earn.


By harnessing the collective efforts of multiple projects and individuals across different networks, we aim to achieve harmony and balance while directing funds where they will benefit the entire ecosystem.

BES - Black Energy Source

A virtual world planet that offers a space for both individuals and projects to construct their own communities, interact and integrate avatars and objects.

special characters

Our Metaverse offers 3D rendered avatars that are fully customizable and come with built-in utilities that provide tangible rewards to the holders.


Get ready to play and enjoy the full experience!

bes Utility

Liquidity pools, Play2earn, Spinning wheel, Games.

special locations

BES Metaverse offers 3D-built locations that provide limitless opportunities for holders to create and earn, ensuring continuous innovation.


AKH Token 

AKH is the Stellar-based native token of BES Metaverse, embodying the meanings of profitability, usefulness, and benefit, while also representing the aspiration to become a powerful spirit. As we continue to build and grow, our focus will be on generating income opportunities through the acquisition of real estate, businesses, physical art, and NFTs, and by powering BES planets in our Metaverse that lack their own currency. We will facilitate community decision-making by creating partnerships in different areas.


In the era of WEB 3, connecting and interacting virtually has never been more essential. Join the creative community and share your ideas!